Learn about Machine Oils

Whether you just bought some new or old equipment, are maintaining your established machine shop, modifying a machine speed, or are just curious, we hope you learn something about lubrication

How to Choose an Oil for Your Machine

Picking an oil for a machine is daunting, but we walk through the process to make it simple

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Lots of options for oils can be resolved through a simple process

Synthetic or Conventional Oils for CNC

Synthetic oils are great, but don't offer the same benefits for CNC machines as they do cars. Here's why

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Synthetic oils aren't as important for CNC machines

Lubrication System Checklist

Here's what you need to check to keep your oil, and oil system (pumps, filters, etc.) are running smoothly

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The lubrication checklist ensures things aren't forgotten

Lubricant-Induced Copper Corrosion

Sulfur in lubricants corrodes copper. Here's how to identify and avoid it!

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Sulfur in lubricants corrodes copper

List of Common Viscosities

A reference list of the viscosity of common fluids from Apple Puree to Whale Oil

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List of common fluids and their viscosities

All About Viscosity Index

One of the biggest determinants of price and operating temperature range, the Viscosity Index tells you how the oil changes with temperature.

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Same viscosity grade but different viscosity index changes performance over temperature

Oil Terms Glossary

Here's a quick rundown on the most important terms you'll see when looking for an oil

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Quick definitions for the common terms in oil selection

Evolvent Design Blog

While Evolvent Design specializes in gears, they have a lot of content on oils and greases. Their blog combines mechanical history, shop tricks, and the science behind lubrication.

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