Learn more about machine oil selection


Learn how to choose an oil for your machine. We've consolidated the basics to choosing a machine oil for your operation, machine tool, or piece of equipment.

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Learn more about calculating viscosity index


Convert between ISO, AGMA, and SAE standards or oils and lubricants. Determine viscosity index of your oil and more

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Learn more about calculating viscosity index


We don't make machine oils, but we use a lot of them. We built this tool to help you find the right oil for your machine and your shop

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Our Big List of Oils

We've compiled a list of oils and lubricants from all the major manufacturers to help you find what you need. Search here to find what you're looking for (and which are the same), without all the marketing fluff.

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Calculate viscosity index

Viscosity changes with temperature, and Viscosity Index tells you how much. This calculator will tell you the viscosity index of your oil, so you can be sure it will function across the entire temperaturse range.

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Same viscosity grade but different viscosity index changes performance over temperature

Convert between standards

Several organizations (ISO, SAE, AGMA) have created competing standards to define oil viscosity ranges, but most of them mean the same thing. The chart to the right will show you how to convert between different standards

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Conversion between ISO, AGMA, and SAE oil standards