Table of Viscosities

A compiled list of viscosities of various materials. Viscosity is given in centiPoise (cP), equivalent to milliPascal seconds (mPa s).
To get the kinematic viscosity (in centiStokes), just divide by the specific gravity of the fluid.

List of Kinematic Viscosity of Common Fluids

Fluid Viscosity (cP) Temperature (ºC) Note Source
1-Propanol (propyl alcohol)1.945Densities and viscosities of binary mixtures of 1-propanol and 2-propanol with acetonitrile
2-Propanol (isopropyl alcohol)2.052Densities and viscosities of binary mixtures of 1-propanol and 2-propanol with acetonitrile
Acetate Glue1200-140020ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Acetic acid1.056CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 99th Edition
Acetic acid1.155Engineering Toolbox
Acetone0.302Petrino, P. J.; Gaston-Bonhomme, Y. H.; Chevalier, J. L. E. (1995). "Viscosity and Density of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Hydrocarbons, Esters, Ketones, and Normal Chloroalkanes". Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data. 40 (1): 136–140. 
Acetone0.316Engineering Toolbox
Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol)1.095Engineering Toolbox
Alcohol, methyl (methanol)0.56Engineering Toolbox
Alcohol, propyl1.92Engineering Toolbox
Alkyd resins500-300020Buerkle
Apple puree150020Buerkle
Baby food1.440Buerkle
Baby Food140093ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Batter2950030ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Beet Sauce195076ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Benzene0.601Engineering Toolbox
Benzene0.604CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 99th Edition
Biscuit Cream Premix2920018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Bone Oil4854Michael Smith Engineers
Bone oil30020Buerkle
Brewer's yeast37020Buerkle
Brewers Yeast36818ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Bromine0.944CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 99th Edition
Bromine0.95Engineering Toolbox
Broth Mix43018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Butter cream, sour55020Buerkle
Butter Deodorised4550Michael Smith Engineers
Butter Fat2065Michael Smith Engineers
Butter Fat4243Michael Smith Engineers
Butter fat (ghee)4540Buerkle
Canola oil46.230Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice (3rd ed.)
Carbon Disulfide0.36Engineering Toolbox
Carbon Tetrachloride0.91Engineering Toolbox
Carob Bean Sauce150030ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Castor Oil3680Michael Smith Engineers
Castor Oil58027Michael Smith Engineers
Castor Oil650Engineering Toolbox
Castor oil1000-150020Buerkle
Castrol Oil1000VP Scientific
Caustic soda, 50%4520Buerkle
Chinawood Oil30021Michael Smith Engineers
Chloroform0.53Engineering Toolbox
Chocolate28049ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Chocolate25000VP Scientific
Chocolate sauce28050Buerkle
Citrus Fruit Pulp60020ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Cleaning emulsion242070Buerkle
Cocoa Butter0.5100Michael Smith Engineers
Cocoa Butter5060Michael Smith Engineers
Cocoa butter5060Buerkle
Cocoa mass400020Buerkle
Coconut Oil3038Michael Smith Engineers
Coconut Oil5524Michael Smith Engineers
Coconut oil6020Buerkle
Cod Oil3238Michael Smith Engineers
Cod-liver oil3540Buerkle
Coffee Liquor 30-40%10-10020ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Concentrated milk8040Buerkle
Concentrated milk, sugared610020Buerkle
Condensed Milk40-8040-50Michael Smith Engineers
Condensed Milk 75% Solids216020ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Corn Oil2857Michael Smith Engineers
Corn oil3060Buerkle
Cottage Cheese3000018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Cotton oil6020Buerkle
Cotton Seed Oil2452Michael Smith Engineers
Cotton Seed Oil6224Michael Smith Engineers
Cream (30-50% fat content) 15-11520Buerkle
Cream 30% Fat1416Michael Smith Engineers
Cream 45% Fat4816Michael Smith Engineers
Cream 50% Fat5532Michael Smith Engineers
Cream 50% Fat11216Michael Smith Engineers
Cresol Crystals1018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Custard150085-90ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Decane0.859Engineering Toolbox
Detergents147070ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Diethylene3221Michael Smith Engineers
Dipropylene glycol10720Buerkle
Dodecane1.374Engineering Toolbox
Edible Oil6520Michael Smith Engineers
Ethanol1.074CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 99th Edition
Ether0.223Engineering Toolbox
Ethylene1821Michael Smith Engineers
Ethylene Glycol16.2Engineering Toolbox
Fruit juice5020Buerkle
Fruit Juice55-7518Michael Smith Engineers
Fruit juice concentrate250020Buerkle
Fruit wort60020Buerkle
Gear oil SAE 140270020Buerkle
Gear oil SAE 9070020Buerkle
Gelatine 37% Solids119043ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Glucose4300-860025-30ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Glucose4300-6800 25-30Buerkle
Glycerine950Engineering Toolbox
Glycerine 100%17638Michael Smith Engineers
Glycerine 100%64820Michael Smith Engineers
Glycerol1.412Segur, J. B.; Oberstar, H. E. (1951). "Viscosity of Glycerol and Its Aqueous Solutions". Industrial & Engineering 
Glyzerol, 100%149020Buerkle
Glyzerol, 100%450010Buerkle
Glyzerol, 100%121000Buerkle
Gravy Slurry11080ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Hand Cream78018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Hand creme800020Buerkle
Heptane0.376Engineering Toolbox
Hexane0.297Engineering Toolbox
Honey~2000-1000020Effect of moisture content on the viscosity of honey at different temperatures
Honey10000VP Scientific
Hydraulic oil HLP 10030020Buerkle
Hydraulic oil HLP 4612020Buerkle
Hydraulic oil HLP 6819520Buerkle
Hydrazine0.876CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 99th Edition
Iodine pentafluoride2.111The Viscosities of Iodine Pentafluoride and Ditellurium Decafluoride
Isopropyl Alcohol1.985Michael Smith Engineers
Jam Garnish844016ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Karo Syrup5000VP Scientific
Kerosene1.64Engineering Toolbox
Ketchup50000VP Scientific
Ketchup[a]~ 5000-2000025Non-NewtonianThe rheological properties of ketchup as a function of different hydrocolloids and temperature
Lacquer 25% Solids300018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Lacquers (25% pigments)300020Buerkle
Lard6238Michael Smith Engineers
Lard Oil40-4738Michael Smith Engineers
Latex Emulsion4865ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Latex Emulsion20024ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Latex emulsion20020Buerkle
Linseed oil3040Buerkle
Linseed Oil33.1Engineering Toolbox
Linseed Oil Raw2938Michael Smith Engineers
Liqueurs 10-10020Buerkle
Liquid egg15045Buerkle
Liquid soap8560Buerkle
Liquid wax50090Buerkle
Lube oil 60-20020Buerkle
Machine oil, heavy60020Buerkle
Machine oil, light15020Buerkle
Malt extract950020Buerkle
Malt Extract300060ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Malt Extract 80%950018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Mayonnaise2000020ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Mercury1.526CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 99th Edition
Mercury1.53Engineering Toolbox
Methanol0.553"Dynamic Viscosities of (Methyl Acetate or Methanol) with (Ethanol, 1-Propanol, 2-Propanol, 1-Butanol, and 2-Butanol) at 298.15 K"
Milk152Michael Smith Engineers
Milk218Michael Smith Engineers
Milk3VP Scientific
Milk Whey 48% Sugar800-150040ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Mincemeat10000030ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Molasses, 80°Brix1000020Buerkle
Molasses, 83°Brix5000020Buerkle
Molasses, 85°Brix10000020Buerkle
Motor oil SAE 105020Buerkle
Motor oil SAE 1513020Buerkle
Motor oil SAE 15W403-15Buerkle
Motor oil SAE 15W4039020Buerkle
Motor oil SAE 53020Buerkle
Motor oil SAE 5075020Buerkle
Mousse au Chocolat1.540Buerkle
Mousse Mix12005ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Mustard70000VP Scientific
NaOH 20%118Michael Smith Engineers
NaOH 30%118Michael Smith Engineers
NaOH 40%2018Michael Smith Engineers
Octane0.51Engineering Toolbox
Oleic acid4020Buerkle
Olive Oil4038Michael Smith Engineers
Olive oil4040Buerkle
Olive oil56.226Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice (3rd ed.)
Orange Juice Concentrate9180Michael Smith Engineers
Orange Juice Concentrate33080Michael Smith Engineers
Orange Juice Concentrate63020Michael Smith Engineers
Orange Juice Concentrate241020Michael Smith Engineers
Palm Oil4338Michael Smith Engineers
Palm oil4540Buerkle
Paraffin Emulsion300018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Parrafin emulsion300020Buerkle
Peanut Butter250000VP Scientific
Peanut butter[a]~ 10000-1000000Non-NewtonianRheological properties of peanut butter
Peanut Oil3838Michael Smith Engineers
Peanut oil4040Buerkle
Pectin30038Michael Smith Engineers
Pectin34527Michael Smith Engineers
Phenol8Engineering Toolbox
Pitch23000000000010-30 (variable)"The pitch drop experiment",
Plastisol2800018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Polyester300030ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Polyester resin330Buerkle
Polyisobutylene1250085ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Polymer solution2000020Buerkle
Polyol (A-component)8500010Buerkle
Polyol, unpigmented500-500020Buerkle
Polypropylene24000050ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Potassium hydroxide6720Buerkle
Printers Ink238-66054ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Printers Ink550-220038ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Printing inks550-220040Buerkle
Process Cheese650080ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Process Cheese3000018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Propane0.11Engineering Toolbox
Propylene0.09Engineering Toolbox
Propylene5221Michael Smith Engineers
Propylene glycol42Engineering Toolbox
Rape oil16020Buerkle
Resin solution7.120Buerkle
Resin Solution88024ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Resin Solution97521ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Resin Solution714018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Rice Pudding10000100ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
SAE 10 Motor Oil85-140VP Scientific
SAE 20 Motor Oil140-420VP Scientific
SAE 30 Motor Oil420-650VP Scientific
SAE 40 Motor Oil650-900VP Scientific
Salad Cream1300-260018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Salad cream1300-260020Buerkle
Sauce – Apple50080ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Shampoos300036ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Soap Arylan63060ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Soap Solution8260ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Soft cheese3060Buerkle
Sorbitol20020Michael Smith Engineers
Sour Cream100000VP Scientific
Soya Bean Oil1280Michael Smith Engineers
Soya Bean Oil6024Michael Smith Engineers
Soya bean oil6020Buerkle
Soya bean oil, treated 600-80020Buerkle
Soya Bean Slurry5000-10,00050-90ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Sperm Oil2438Michael Smith Engineers
Squalane31.123"Densities, Viscosities, and Refractive Indices of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Hexane, Decane, Hexadecane, and Squalane with Benzene at 298.15 K"
Sulphonic Acid12530ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Sunflower oil48.826Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice (3rd ed.)
Toluene0.55Engineering Toolbox
Tomato Ketchup100030ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Tomato Paste 30%19518ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Tomato puree19520Buerkle
Tooth paste7000040Buerkle
Toothpaste70,000-100,00018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Train oil10020Buerkle
Transformer oil3020Buerkle
Transformer oil7510Buerkle
Treacle, 65°Brix12020Buerkle
Treacle, 70°Brix40020Buerkle
Triacetate Dope48000-6000040ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Trichlorofluoromethane refrigerant R-110.42Engineering Toolbox
Triethylene4021Michael Smith Engineers
Turbine oil200-110020Buerkle
Turpentine1.375Engineering Toolbox
Turpentine216Michael Smith Engineers
Vinegar12-1520Michael Smith Engineers
Vitamine oil4.510Buerkle
Water0.89CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 99th Edition
Water1VP Scientific
Water varnish90020Buerkle
Water, Fresh0.89Engineering Toolbox
Wax50093ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Whale Oil25-3938Michael Smith Engineers
Whole Egg1504.5ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Whole milk2.1220Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice (3rd ed.)
Yeast Surry2018ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers
Yoghurt15240ThixotropicMichael Smith Engineers