We've been working with oils for years, and have put together a list of some of the things we wished we had known earlier

Conversion Chart

ISO, AGMA, and SAE all grade oils based on their viscosity; here's how you can convert between them (this is the first step)

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Conversion between ISO, AGMA, and SAE oil standards

Calculate Viscosity Index

Viscosity changes with temperature, and Viscosity Index (VI) tells you how much. This calculator will tell you the viscosity index of your oil, so you can be sure it will function across the entire temperature range. A higher VI oil might increase operating temperature range or oil life, but are typically more expensive.

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Same viscosity grade but different viscosity index changes performance over temperature

Calculate Pitch Line Velocity

Faster gears need thinner oils, but how fast is too fast? AGMA recommends different oils depending on pitch line velocity

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Gears mesh at their pressure angle along their pitch line

Calculate Regreasing Interval

Determine when it's time to regrease your equipment. Get an estimate of runtime (running hours) before grease should be reapplied. Sand, water, and other contaminants will require more frequent intervals.

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Temperature and speed are primary drivers in how long grease lasts